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Four Benefits of Home Remodeling in Long Beach, CA — Novel Remodeling

If you are one of the lucky few that can afford to purchase your home in Long Beach, CA consider yourself successful. Long Beach, CA is one of the largest ports on the West coast and is home to over half a million people. There are many homes that have not been maintained or renovated for over 40 years. If you recently purchased a home in need of renovations, we have 4 tips on why you should consider remodeling today. Learn about the benefits of remodeling, and how Novel Remodeling can help you get there.

Our four benefits of Home Remodeling Long Beach

Novel Remodeling has been in the remodeling industry for over 15 years. Remodeling homes in Long Beach is a breeze if you are familiar with City of Long Beach building and safety codes. Our general contractor is familiar with all the new standards in construction and remodeling in Long Beach. We have helped build much of the new residential properties and can help you get started too.

Adding Value with Remodeling

As homeowners exchange properties, more often than not, we noticed many homeowners make a significant amount of money when they consider remodeling their home before selling. On average homeowners sell at their asking price 9/10 times when they consider remodeling before putting their home on the market.

Simple painting, repairing cracks and visible damages can show new homeowners potential and why they should pay top dollar for your home. Psychologically, new homeowners will not consider a property that has not been maintained and it makes sense. If a home is showing visible damages, then the chances of something serious can be high. Foundation damages, roof damages are common concerns when purchasing a home. However, if you do the minor repairs, more buyers will flock to your property.

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Soft Story Foundation Retrofit Long Beach, CA — Novel Remodeling

What you can do as a Homeowner in Long Beach?

Schedule a free estimate with Us Novel Remodeling learn about the options and what the costs are in order to bring your foundation back into ordinance. Our foundation retrofit contractors provide soft story retrofitting and repair services for our community. We provide additional beams, bolting services, and concrete to mend your foundation and insure your structure survive a large earthquake. Since Los Angeles is near the earthquake active zone, and soft story foundation do not have the additional support needed to withstand a strong earthquake, homes will crumble and will become very hard to repair.

What If I don’t do the Soft Story Retrofitting Required by law?

The law requires homeowners to take immediate action to retrofit and repair their home in order to pass ordinance request. Failure to do so will result in fees ranging from $356 -$3000 until the work is performed. Why pay penalties when you can avoid it and get the repairs you must do? Failure to do the necessary repairs will result in city making your property inhabitable.

Why Target Soft Story Apartment Complex?

City building and safety departments realized that Soft Story apartment building do not stand a chance against an earthquake greater than 8.0. That being said, it can endanger the life of your tenants and everyone involved. It is required by law to retrofit and ensure your home meets the new guidelines to ensure habitability.

Free Estimate: Soft Story Retrofitting

Schedule a free estimate with Novel Remodeling a local licensed and insured general contractor that can properly secure your foundation and ensure you meet city standards for the retrofit. We are proficient in passing inspection, doing the right retrofit to ensure you meet your ordinance. Give us a call today or reply back to schedule your free estimate.

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Drought Landscaping & Why It Still Matters In Los Angeles, CA — Novel Remodeling

There are many ways of addressing Los Angeles water reserves and thankfully Mother Nature did its course and brought us this beautiful wet winter. We experienced one of the wettest winters in February, getting record amount of rain. That is great news and finally our reserves are where they should be. We are no longer considered to be in drought and that is great thing, but will this last?

Benefits of Drought Landscaping

There are four main benefits we love discussing with Los Angeles homeowners interested in modernizing and helping improve their backyard. Our landscape designers help homeowners redesign, improve and upgrade their backyards from traditional lawns to drought tolerant native landscape. Learn about our 4 top reasons to choose drought landscaping.

Saving Water with Drought Landscaping

One of the best reasons to upgrade your backyard is the clear cut way to save hundreds of dollars a year on water costs. If you live in Los Angeles you know that as a homeowner, we pay significant amount of money to our utility companies for water usage. The more you use, the more you pay. It is the only type of purchase that increases as you purchase more.

Drought tolerant landscaping can help you tame your water needs by removing your overgrown lawn and replacing it with a native, more modern design. On average, homeowners replacing 400 sqft of lawn can save up to $55 a month on watering their lawns.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Roof Restoration

How’s your roof looking today?

After a few years, your roof might look a little old and tired. You
might notice it’s not as efficient at regulating the temperature in your home.
And it may have suffered some damage from water, smoke, or mold over the years.

If you’re thinking about replacing that old, worn roof, hold your
horses! It could be that your roof is in need of a little TLC rather than a
full replacement. That’s when you should consider a roof restoration instead.

Check out this ultimate guide to roof restoration to learn why this
might be your best option.

Why Restore?

Replacement and restoration are two very different things. Let’s take
a look at the differences and why you should consider a restoration instead.


Replacing your roof is a long and expensive
. First, you pay to remove the old roof. Then you
pay to haul away the old roofing material.

And finally, you pay to have the new roof put on. With a roof
restoration, they leave your old roof intact. It’s cleaned and repaired to make
it look nicer and last longer.

Not only does it cost less, but it takes less time to perform than a
roof replacement. Your roofing contractor might have it done within a day,
depending on the shape of the roof. The longer they spend on your roof, the
more it’ll cost you in the end.


Concerned about construction waste in landfills? A complete roof
replacement means they rip the old roof off and send to the landfill. That’s a
lot of wasted roofing material.

With a restoration, a roofing contractor cleans and repairs the old
roof. A much more environmentally-friendly option.


Speaking of the environment, choosing to restore your tired old roof
can make
it more energy efficient
. Cool roof coatings are a great way to
improve the efficiency of your roof. And who doesn’t like saving money on
energy expenses?!

Leaks are common in older roofs. That means your heating and cooling
systems work harder to regulate temperatures.

When you choose a restoration, your roofing professional gives the
entire roof a thorough inspection. They’ll find the leaks in your roof. And
they’ll repair them to get it back to working at max efficiency.


All roofs need replacement at some point. How long a roof lasts
depends on the roofing material and the climate it’s exposed to. Choosing a
roof restoration adds more years to the life of your roof.

If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan but is still in good
shape, it’s a great time to do a restoration. Restoring it is a way of being
proactive. It can add up to 10 years to the life of your existing roof.

What to Expect During a Roof Restoration

The depth of the restoration depends on the condition of the roof. It
also depends on the material. Most restorations involve a four-step process.


Your roofing contractor makes a complete inspection of the roof,
inside and outside. During this inspection, the contractor checks the roof
framing for weakness.

Severe weather, improper installation, and fallen branches are some of
the most common
causes of roof damage
. Your contractor makes note of any areas
of damage to repair them during the restoration.

Next, they’ll check for leaks and signs of water damage. They’ll also
check the edges and the peaks of the roof because these areas can be more
vulnerable to damage.

After the initial inspection, the contractor gives you their
assessment of whether or not restoration is right for your roof. And they’ll
give you a cost estimate. The inspection should take about an hour.


Once you and the contractor agree on the terms of the restoration,
they’ll start by giving the roof a thorough cleaning. This is done with a
high-pressure washer and usually takes a few hours, depending on the size of
the roof.

The cleaning serves two purposes. First, it removes years of dirt,
mold, and grime from the surface. They’ll also clear out dirt from all the
gutters when they do this.

Removing this dirt makes it easier to spot damage. Your contractor
will assess the roof again after it’s cleaned to ensure they don’t miss any
damaged spots during the repair process.

Second, cleaning the roof with water provides a good way to check for
leaks. They’ll inspect the inside of the roof after cleaning to see if any
water came through. Then they’ll add those areas to the repair list.


After cleaning, they’ll tackle the repairs. Depending on how damaged
the roof is, this can take up to a day.

Your contractor makes repairs on the interior or exterior of the roof
as needed. And depending on the type of roof, tiles, shingles, or metal sheets
may need to be replaced.


After repairs, a chemical coating is applied to the roof. This process
usually takes only a few hours and is the key to protecting your roof for the
long run. It protects it from water penetration, rust formation, and gives it
an extra layer of insulation.

The coating depends on the type of roof you have. A roofer uses a different
coating on a metal roof than they would on a tile roof.

Talk to your contractor about the different options available. Some
chemicals work better and are rated longer than others. It might cost you more,
but it’s better to go with a longer-lasting coating product if you can.

Treat Your Roof Right with a Restoration

Once your roof restoration is complete, your roof will have a new
lease on life! It will look and work better once it’s repaired and coated. And
it will last you many more years before you need a complete replacement.

Restoring a roof means you save yourself time and money. You’ll keep
more waste out of the landfill. And you’ll improve the energy efficiency of
your home.

Are you thinking about restoring your roof? Contact us to request a free roof

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How to Identify and Fix Common Boise Home Drainage Problems

average homeowner will spend nearly 2 percent of their
property’s total purchase price on maintenance each year. While owning a home
can be expensive, it is definitely worth the investment. The last thing a
homeowner needs to do is ignore the maintenance needs their residence has due
to the damage this can cause.

of the most potentially damaging elements a home can be exposed to is water. If
water is not properly managed, it is only a matter of time before significant
damage starts to occur.

how to spot water drainage problems is the first step in reducing the damage
they can cause. Once these issues are spotted, your main concern needs to be getting
them fixed in a timely manner.

below to find out more about how to identify and fix home drainage problems.

Water is Cascading
Over the Edge of Your Gutters

of the most important parts of a home’s roof is the gutter system. When this
system works correctly, it will remove rainwater from the roof and filter it
away from the home.

you start to notice that rain is cascading over the edge of the gutters, then
finding a way to fix this issue should be the main concern. The longer this
problem is allowed to persist, the more damage it will cause.

first thing you should try when dealing with this issue is to clean the gutters
thoroughly. In some cases, leaves and other debris will prevent the gutters
from draining properly. If this doesn’t fix the issues, you may have to get a
bigger gutter size.

Issues With
Downspouts Dumping Lots of Water

doesn’t love the sound of a summer thunderstorm? While the sound of rain can be
extremely relaxing, too much rain can lead to significant drainage issues.

large amounts of water is dumped near a home’s foundation, it can cause lots of
damage over time. If you are dealing with large puddles near the foundation of
your home, the first thing you need to do is add a gutter extension.

extension will allow you to carry the water further away from the home’s
foundation. In some instances, the only way to fix this issue is by relocating
the downspouts altogether. Working with a seasoned gutter installation
professional is the only way to get this work done properly.

The Appearance of
Water Stains in the Basement

a basement can come in handy if you need a place to store things or want to
create a man cave. Since this area of a home is so close to a home’s
foundation, water issues can arise over time. Often times, water stains on the
walls are one of the main things you will notice when drainage issues are

location of these stains on the wall can give you an idea of where drainage
problems exist. If the stains are higher up on the wall, then the drainage
issues are probably being caused by an overflowing gutter system.

the stains are all along the base of the wall, it means that you may need to
get a storm drain installed. Some professionals recommend installing a sump
pump system as well if this problem persists. While these systems are costly,
they are worth the money considering the damage they can help you prevent.

Cracks in the

home repair issues before they get out of control is easy when doing routine
inspections. As you perform these inspections, be sure to pay attention to the
condition of your home’s foundation. The appearance of cracks in the foundation
can be an indication that drainage problems are present.

cracks in the foundation are usually cosmetic. However, if the cracks in
question are larger, then getting a professional to check out this issue is

the cracks continue to widen, then drainage issues are causing this problem.
Working with a structural engineer and a drainage professional can help you
identify and fix this problem. Waiting too long to fix foundational issues can
cause cracks in the wall to form, which is why time is of the essence.

Mildew in the Attic

home’s attic is a place where boxes, pictures and old baseball gloves find
their final resting place. Keeping these items safe is important, which is why
checking for the appearance of mold in the attic is important. Having too much
moisture in this area of your home is what causes this mold to form.

the underside of a home’s roof is damaged, it can lead to lots of leaks forming. The longer these leaks go
unnoticed, the more damage they will cause. Not only can this mold ruin the
items in the attic, but it can also put the inhabitants of a home in a lot of

only way to fix a problem like this is why working with roofing repair professionals. With a simple inspection, these professionals can tell you what is
wrong with the roof and how to fix it. The money paid to these professionals
will be worth considering the results they can provide.

Fixing Drainage
Problems Requires Professional Help

biggest mistake a homeowner can make when dealing with drainage problems is
waiting to get them fixed. Calling in professionals to diagnose and fix these
problems is the best way to minimize the damage they cause.

you looking for help with your home’s drainage issues? If so, contact us now to find out how we can help.

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How to Pick the Best Roof Color for Your Boise Home

homeowners stated that the number one easiest way to increase their home’s
value was to repaint the exterior.

when it comes to your roof color, you’ll need to be smart about the shade you
go with.

probably know a little bit about color psychology, or at least that some colors
make you feel weird. These are the colors you definitely shouldn’t use for your new roof.

color should you go with? Here’s your
color picker guide.

Check with the
Homeowner’s Association

even considering the best roof colors for your home, you’ll want to check with
your local homeowner’s association. Make sure there aren’t any restrictions
regarding certain changes to your home’s exterior.

part of this, it’s also smart to assess your neighborhood’s style. You don’t
want to choose a roof color that’s exactly the same as your neighbors. But, you
don’t want to stand out too much either.

as curb appeal can raise your home’s value
by 12%, you’ll want to take this into consideration and find the perfect way to
stand out without being too flashy.

Consider the Climate

can get pretty cold during the winter months. And, the color of your shingles
can affect the temperature of your home.

shingles will absorb the heat from the sunlight and help your home stay warm
during the chilly winter months. The dark color can also help snow and ice melt faster on your roof.

if your home is already constructed and the bricks are bright and light
colored, then you might not want to opt for dark charcoal grey shingles.

colors will make a small home look even smaller. Light colors will make a small
home look much bigger.

brings us to our next point…

Try to Color

is a simple interior design trick that works well on the outside of your home
as well. Choosing a roof color is easiest if you look for shades found in other
aspects of your home.

a look at the bricks, stone or trim around your home. If you notice mainly tan
or cream colors, then go with brown shingles. Green, red, and other bold
exterior paint colors work great with brown or grey shingles.

coordinating is also about blending in with your surroundings! Figuring out how
to choose roof color for an Arizona desert home is different than one built
into the lush Washington landscape. Boise homes tend to be more modern and

mentioned above, you can take a look at your neighborhood for inspiration
regarding this. If most of the homes feature a specific style or color, there’s
probably a reason.

you’re still having trouble, try creating a color palette simply by uploading a photo of your home’s exterior. This will help
give you a good idea of an optimal roof color design.

Think About the

your home includes stunning features such as dormers or gables, then you’ll
want people to notice those first!

selecting the best roof colors, opt for a color that complements your home’s
architectural style.

you’re able to do this, the color will naturally draw people’s eyes upward
towards the special details of your house. When accentuating the architecture
of your home, also factor in the materials that it’s made out of.

shingles typically look good on homes that feature challenging angles or
multiple levels. Rural properties or waterfront homes look best with weathered
browns and natural green colors to complement the setting.

your home frequently under attack during summer hail storms? You might want to
prioritize shingle material over color to avoid roof damage.

Stick with the Style

roofing color choice will be different if you live in a red brick house than if
you live in a Southern stucco home.

the types of materials in the construction of your home. Are there elements of
wood or vinyl siding, stone veneer or wooden logs?

no set rule for what color you should choose for your roof.
states that cool pigments provide benefits
for any type of house. They allow IR energy from the sun to reflect instead of
absorbing back into the house’s interior.

as a rule of thumb, you’ll want to go with dark brown, green, grey or black
shingles for red brick houses.

if you live in a grey or similar tone house, try green, blue, white, black or
grey shingles.

Don’t Get Too Crazy

is one of the biggest mistakes new homeowners make. If your home features
multi-colored bricks, then avoid choosing multi-colored shingles. This makes
your home look too chaotic.

shingles are great for when the siding of your home is plain. This helps it
look more textured and intriguing from a distance.

your home’s exterior is multi-colored, then you’ll want to stay away from
adding more in the roofing color. It will look like what you look like when you
wear a patterned shirt with patterned pants. Not good.

you’re going to play with multi-colored shingles, it’s important that at least
one of the colors is present in your home’s siding or shutters. This will help
the color scheme look more cohesive.

Love Your Roof Color

doesn’t matter what color you go with. In the end, it’s you who will have to
love your roof color.

some time during this process to really think into the future regarding
potential upgrades or renovations you might complete. Think about your home’s
value and where you’d like it to be in ten to twenty years.

pick a color that feels good to you and go with it!

need of an inspection prior to installing new roofing? Give us a call and we’ll
come and provide you with a free

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How to Choose the Best Materials for Your Roof

When you invest in a new roof, you stand to recoup around 68%
of that cost
. Such savings matter a lot to any property

But you can only tap into the cost-effective nature of a new or
repaired roof if you picked the best materials to start with.

Before you spend on such a significant investment as a roof here are
some factors that will help you pick the most suitable material for it.

Consider the Cost

Selecting the right type of roofing material for your home requires
discernment when it comes to the cost.

With the cost of a roof you must begin by asking yourself how long you
intend to own or reside in the property.

Long term property owners have several choices. The rule of thumb here
is that a cost-effective roof for long term residence is one that has a longer

The industry standard for determining long term residence is at least
twenty years.

Asphalt shingle roofs last for at least 30 years with proper installation
and roof ventilation. There are many styles of asphalt shingles that can last
longer than 50 years as well.

Metal roofs are also another excellent option for the long term due to
their durability. These roofs typically last for 50-100 years.

When purchasing a metal roof, you should expect a 30-50 year warranty
on them which denotes its long lasting capability.

Although metal roofing is more expensive than asphalt shingle and wood
roofing, it pays for itself over its long life span. Ultimately it does become
cheaper per unit than both wood and asphalt shingle roofs.

Tile roofs are a long-lasting choice. All types of tiles (clay, cement
and fiber concrete) have a lifespan of at least 50 years. They are however more
expensive than metal and asphalt shingle roofs.

Slate roofing is known to hold up well over the years. It has a 40-60
year lifetime but may last hundreds of years.

Short term property owners (less than 20 years) will find durable
roofs expensive. An economy grade Asphalt Shingle would be the best option for

Regardless of your choice after assessing different roofing materials,
you need to keep the cost and life expectancy of the material in mind.

The Climate

Your roof will not exist in a vacuum. Instead, it will be daily
exposed to a set of environmental factors that end up affecting its durability
and quality. You, therefore, need to consider the climate present at the
property’s location.

For moist environments certain types of wood are appropriate. Redwood
and Cedar roofs, in particular, contain oils that enable them to be moisture

In hot weather environments, metal roofs are suitable as they reflect
the sun’s rays and enhance the home’s coolness. Tile roofs can also be used in
hot climatic zones as their color reflects sunlight which leads to cooler
indoor temperatures.

When you want to roof a house in a windy area, you should consider
asphalt shingle roofing.

Three-tab shingles withstand 60-70 MPH wind while architectural
shingles can hold fast in 100 MPH winds.

High-wind shingles withstand 130 MPH winds. You, therefore, have an
array of options for a reliable roof no matter how the wind blows.

High-impact shingles are manufactured to protect roofs in areas where
large hail is known to occur.

In snowy and wet environments metal roofs do a much better job than a
majority of the other options. Metal is also an excellent option in preventing
ice dams during extreme weather seasons.

You should endeavor to identify the best roofing material suited for
the present environmental conditions to avoid
and expensive replacement.


At the end of the day, you are not just looking for a roof to put over
your head. You also want a roof that adds to the beauty of the property. Be it
for personal enjoyment or for an enhanced
resale value
a cool looking roof is an asset.

The primary determinant in roof aesthetics is the property’s
architectural style. The building’s design language has to blend with the
roof’s style.

Asphalt shingle roofs are incredibly versatile when it comes to the
number of styles and colors to choose from. If your house has a Victorian, cape
cod, bungalow or Tudor design, then a wood roof will blend well with it.

Houses made of wood like cabins and cottages blend exceptionally well
with a metal roof design. European, Spanish and Mediterranean style homes call
for tile roofing to bring out their beauty.

No matter the architectural style of your house there is a roof style
that can pair up with it to create enchanting curb appeal.

Energy Efficiency

As a property owner, you need to take advantage of material that helps
you increase your energy efficiency.

Metal, tile and asphalt shingle roofs both reflect sunlight thereby
reducing the retained heat.

You will ultimately spend less on energy bills cooling the home.

Shop for a roof made out of material that not only meets your other
needs but also helps you manage your energy consumption.


Today’s property owner is increasingly conscious of the environmental
impact of the roofing material they use. Sustainability is, therefore, a key
driving consideration when preparing to roof a building.

When using wood shakes you should look for those without additives,
moss inhibitors or preservatives.

You can also use recycled rubber and plastic that is repurposed to
mimic wood shingle design. The types of roofs are quite durable as well.

Metal roofing is an excellent option when it comes to sustainability
since 100% of the material can be recycled through melting and recasting.

Reclaimed slate and clay roofs are also other durable options that
happen to be eco-friendly as well.

When your roof not only protects your house but also contributes to
conserving the environment, it helps you make a positive footprint for future

Choose the Best Materials for Your Roof

A roof is a significant expense for any property owner. Before you settle
on the type you want, you must understand the benefits of the various types of
roofing. Only then can you select the best materials for your roof.

Looking to restore or install a new roof for your home? Point Roofing
understands how critical such a decision can be for you. Contact us today, and we
will help you identify the perfect roofing for your home.

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Accessory Dwelling Units & 2019 Gold Rush — Novel Remodeling

What you can do with your new Garage conversion

In-Home Gym

Tired of paying for your monthly membership to the gym? Convert your garage into a small in-home gym and save that $30 a month. Add insulation, small air conditioning and your favorite gym equipment and enjoy a free home gym. Have your friends come over and train together!

Room for Young Adults

Is your children growing up and need a place to stay outside of your home? Turn your garage into a guest house and have them stay and pay rent to you. Rent increases in Los Angeles are making it impossible for young adults to move out while still being able to go to school and pay for some of their expenses. Adding a guest house in your home, you can control how much you can charge your kids, if any and help them by giving them a fighting chance in Los Angeles.

Friends and Family That Regularly Visit

Having friends and family regularly visiting can be challenging to host in your own home. Most families try to find affordable Airbnb rentals or providing airbnb options for their own guests. Converting your garage into a living space with its own bathroom and kitchen is a great idea for those that have family abroad that regularly visit. You can give them a free place to stay, and charge others through Airbnb. One of the fastest growing side businesses is Airbnb rentals.

Game Room / Family Room

Is your family not spending enough time together? Turning your garage into a guest house can bring in new traditions and help the family connect by creating a game room for both adults and kids. Fun Game room ideas can be your favorite game board game, Play station, Xbox, or any other type of activity you can enjoy with your kids.

Rental Income

Lastly, the most popular reason to upgrade your garage and turn it into a living space to rent is rental income. Rental income is the highest we seen in Los Angeles and there are no signs of slow down. Many people cannot afford to purchase a home, and the only way to live in Los Angeles is to rent a home. Discover how much you can rent your garage after you convert it into a permitted guest house.

How to get started with your garage conversion?

Novel Remodeling is a licensed general contractor that provides free estimates for garage conversion in Los Angeles. We specialize in garage conversion and Accessory Dwelling units. The 2019 gold rush is all about rental income and turning garage into living space to rent. In order to start your garage conversion, homeowners need blueprints of the new design, layout and structure of the garage conversion. After approved design plans, we help homeowners get started by doing the construction, pulling permits, designing and helping homeowners select the best materials for rental income properties in Los Angeles.

Why us?

-15 years of remodeling experience

-Fully Licensed and Insured

-Low Prices, amazing deals

-Free 3D Design plans with purchase

-Professional, hassle free experience

-Customer Service is our top priority

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Kitchen Remodeling Trends to follow in 2019 — Novel Remodeling

Our kitchen remodeling contractors are always looking for new and exciting trends to follow in 2019. We need inspiration just like any artist, creator, or designer. Finding exciting new trends helps keep our designs fresh, and our contractors well trained to take on the next big kitchen remodel.

Here are a few of our favorite kitchen remodeling trends found on Pinterest

For Reference: View Here

The Power Of Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best tools to use to find trends of any type of remodeling or home improvement. We use Pinterest to find exciting new ideas, new trends for kitchen remodeling and design for our clients in Long Beach, and rest of LA.

Gold Accents in Kitchen Remodeling

As kitchen remodeling evolves and grows, so do our kitchen remodeling contractors in Long Beach and LA communities. Gold accents are the new trend and it seems as if its going to be around in 2019-2020 kitchen designs. We noticed several designers and contractors are using pale colors with gold accent colors.

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No such thing as New Kitchen Remodeling on Budget — Novel Remodeling

Los Angeles is the home of Lakers, Kings, and Dodgers but unfortunately they cannot help lower your costs for building a new kitchen for your home. A budgeted kitchen means a lot of things to many different types of kitchens. On average, kitchen remodeling budgets for homeowners are very unrealistic and tends to be in the range of $7,500 – $10,000.  

What the internet does not tell you is how expensive labor costs are in Los Angeles, CA. Finding day laborers that specialize in kitchen remodeling and design is extremely difficult. Those that are inexperience will mess up your home and cause more damages then remodel. Kitchen remodeling contractors that are experience understand that kitchen remodeling materials for an average kitchen tend to cost $8,000 and that does not include labor.

As Novel Remodeling grows throughout the years, we noticed many homeowners fall victim to cheap work, horrible contractor stories that go sideways. Expect to pay on average $15k-$30k and that is a simple kitchen with no extras. In Long beach, CA our kitchen contractors work with our clients to bring affordability, functional design, and latest kitchen trends to our work.  

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