Home Improvement Services That Matter in winter of 2019 — Novel Remodeling

There are a lot you can do when you own your property, but the most important home improvement projects serve multiple purposes. There are home improvement projects that make your home feel cozy and comfortable in Los Angeles. These project consist of insulating your attic and walls, upgrading your heating and air condition to work more efficiently, installing a smart thermostat like Nest, upgrading your windows for soundproofing and even purchasing insulated windows.

Benefits of Insulated Attic and Walls

Insulating your home in Los Angeles is one of the most important projects to consider. Any energy audit specialist will start your home improvements here. Insulation is added in the attic, and inside your walls to keep cold air out and warmth inside. If you notice your heating unit constantly on during the winter, chances are you need more insulation in your home. Our licensed general contractors can help you get insulation installed correctly, check for airflow, ensure your home is efficiently built to reduce your energy consumption and save thousands in the long run.

ALERT: Energy Upgrade California provides rebates for insulation, a combined total of up to $5,500 for 3 more energy efficiency remodeling projects.

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