Window Leaking During Heavy Rains and What to Do About It — Novel Remodeling

Did your home experience window leaks when it rained last week? If so, then your home could be in worse condition than anticipated. Noticing water seeping through your home windows is not something you as a homeowner should take lightly. Moisture is harmful for your home, your health, and safety of your family due to the mold risks that arise when left untreated.

Novel Remodeling and our contractors see a steady influx of window leaks during heavy rains for multiple reasons. Older homes are not built to modern code and thus leaks are possible. As time takes a toll on your home, so does lack of regular maintenance, shifts in our earth which causes cracks, gaps and other miniscule damaged that normally would not be a big deal. During heavy rains, water tends to seep through the cracks into your walls, inside your home and cause bubbling and moisture damage.

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