Last Year for 30% Tax Credit for Solar Los Angeles, CA

Solar Tax Credit 2019

2019 is the last year that the federal government is willing to give homeowners in California a tax credit of 30%. What does this mean to us?

The average cost for a solar installation in Los Angeles County is approximately $19,250 – $32,450 depending on size, materials and labor. A tax credit of 30% for a smaller system of a price tax $19,000 would give a homeowner a credit of $5,700. If you have a small business that pays taxes, you can get $5,700 back.

ALERT: 2020 solar tax credit is going to shrink in size. No longer can we apply for solar tax credit and get 30%.

If you ever considered solar, this is the best time to get started. Solar installers are motivated to sell solar. Solar incentives are running out.

Who Benefits the Most from Solar?

Homeowners need to be paying a significant amount for electricity each month to truly benefit from solar in the short term. If you spending at least $150 or more, then consider solar for you’re home. In the long term, solar is for everyone that finds value in free energy. New homeowners will definitely pay more for homes that have solar. Solar adds value to homes up to 60% of cost for solar. Solar can help homeowners save that $150 a month and invest that into another remodeling project that can add even more value like garage conversion, patio cover, or sun room. Solar prices are at an all-time low now and incentives can pay for a noteworthy amount of the costs. Schedule a free estimate with us and save an additional $1000.00

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