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Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Projects

Home improvements are one of the major reasons why Energy Upgrade California exists. Homeowners that are interested in lowering electricity bill and water bill often look for ways to do so. In Los Angeles, CA our general contractors provide free estimates for projects like insulation, window replacements, and duct repair. These are wonderful areas to start your home improvement.


Insulation can help keep your homes temperature comfortable by keeping the air outside from entering your home. Insulation in attic, walls and flooring are one of the first projects to consider due to the impact it can have on your home. Insulation recommended for homeowners are R-45 insulation.

Window Replacements

Air flow test reveal that most of the air leaves the home through windows and the best way to combat airflow is by replacing windows with high quality energy efficient and insulated windows. Newly installed energy efficient windows can help reduce the need for air condition or heating for your home. When homeowners replace windows and insulation together, air conditioning units work far less and save homeowners on average up to 30% in energy usage.

 Upgrading Water Heater

There are energy star water heaters that are available for homeowners that uses far less energy than traditional water heaters built before 2010. Each and every year the water heater products improve in efficiency, quality and durability. If you have a water heater that is older than 10 years, it could be time to replace. Our contractors in Los Angeles provide free estimates and rebates for homeowners upgrading their water heaters. There are new options like tank-less water heaters that use less energy, less space, and offer instant hot water without much waiting.

Furnace & Air Conditioning Unit

Keeping your home warm during winter, and cool during summer is one of the most important concepts homeowners focus on when it comes to home improvement. Replacing your old furnace with an energy efficient unit will help your home use less energy and stay warmer during cold winter nights.

Same applies to new and improve air conditioning units that are being built for homeowners. Whether you’re replacing your old central air conditioning, or upgrading your home from wall units, air conditioning is Los Angeles is very important. There are incentives and rebates that lower the cost of large units and help homeowners purchase it through various funds and rebates. Schedule a free estimate today to get started.

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