Drought Landscaping & Why It Still Matters In Los Angeles, CA — Novel Remodeling

There are many ways of addressing Los Angeles water reserves and thankfully Mother Nature did its course and brought us this beautiful wet winter. We experienced one of the wettest winters in February, getting record amount of rain. That is great news and finally our reserves are where they should be. We are no longer considered to be in drought and that is great thing, but will this last?

Benefits of Drought Landscaping

There are four main benefits we love discussing with Los Angeles homeowners interested in modernizing and helping improve their backyard. Our landscape designers help homeowners redesign, improve and upgrade their backyards from traditional lawns to drought tolerant native landscape. Learn about our 4 top reasons to choose drought landscaping.

Saving Water with Drought Landscaping

One of the best reasons to upgrade your backyard is the clear cut way to save hundreds of dollars a year on water costs. If you live in Los Angeles you know that as a homeowner, we pay significant amount of money to our utility companies for water usage. The more you use, the more you pay. It is the only type of purchase that increases as you purchase more.

Drought tolerant landscaping can help you tame your water needs by removing your overgrown lawn and replacing it with a native, more modern design. On average, homeowners replacing 400 sqft of lawn can save up to $55 a month on watering their lawns.

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