Storm Damage & Insurance Claims

Claremore roofing contractor

So you think (or know) you have storm damage. Either you experienced the wind or hail yourself, noticed a neighbor getting their roof done, saw something on the news, or have more roofing advertisements than you’ve ever seen in your life!!!

If you’ve lived in Oklahoma long, then you already know that storms are inevitable and mother nature yields for no one. Large hail and strong winds are unfortunate disasters that happen quite frequently in Oklahoma. If you live in an area that has experienced a significant storm, then the first thing that you need to do is have your roof inspected by a professional. If you can look up and see visible damage to your roof, you should contact your insurance provider. They will generally send an adjuster out, that will assess your damages. Let’s face it, insurance companies will only pay what they think they can get away with. You may be stuck paying your deductible plus some. The paperwork you receive from your insurance company includes an estimate for roof repairs. If your check isn’t big enough to get your roof replaced, don’t worry because it is only an estimate, not a final insurance settlement. We, at Capital Roofing are specialists when it comes to dealing with insurance companies by consulting with them and meeting with the adjusters. We will work hard to get you, not what the insurance company thinks you need, but instead, what we know you deserve. And even cover your deductible too. Your insurance company should pay for everything, but there’s a time limit on the claims process. If you miss the deadline, you’re stuck with an old, damaged roof the minute time expires. If your roof has suffered storm damage, then it grows more susceptible to the outside elements as time goes by. And could lead to major inside damages and very costly repairs. Call us to get started, and take the worry off of you.

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